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Pest Control

Our Specialist will complete a full inspection of your property for possible pest entry points and problems that may be conducive to pest entry. We will then complete a full interior and exterior treatment to address current problems and to prevent future problems.

We will complete an exterior inspection and treatment to prevent pests from entering your home. After the initial service, we want to work from the exterior so that you don’t have bugs inside! Of course, if you need us to come inside, we are happy to do so!

Nope! We will notify you when we are coming. Just be sure to tell us about any issues you are having, unlock gates, and place pets indoors.

Yes, if you have a pest problem in between services, just give us a call!

Termite Control & Treatment

It is estimated that three to four colonies of termites are in every acre of Georgia property. The majority of homes in Georgia will eventually experience a termite problem. The best time to complete a termite treatment is when there are NO active termites. This prevents termites from attacking your home and causing damages that you will later have to pay to repair!

A liquid treatment creates a treated zone around the perimeter of the home. This typically requires 100-200 gallons of product to be applied around the home’s perimeter. It also requires drilling of garages, patios, porches, etc. Our Sentricon System with Always Active Technology treatment includes liquid spot-treatment of any areas of active termites and the installation of stations every 10 feet around the perimeter of the home. Invasive treatment and a large amount of chemical usage are avoided when using the Sentricon System.

This includes the installation of a liquid perimeter termiticidal treatment along with the Sentricon Always Active System. This two-layer treatment will give your structure the most termite protection possible.

Sentricon is more environmentally friendly, requires only one up-front investment over the lifetime of the home, and protects our nation’s most historical buildings (White House, Statue of Liberty, and more). Liquid treatments begin to dissipate as soon as they are applied and are affected by weather conditions as well. Sentricon is not.

The monthly renewal fee is required to continue the TermiteGuard program and retain the Sentricon stations around your home. If the renewal fee is not paid, the warranty is void and any Sentricon stations will be removed.

The initial fee is due at the time of the treatment. Ask our office about a payment plan if needed.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has regulations that all pest management companies must follow. This includes providing a full termite treatment using the manufacturer label specifications. Simply completing a spot treatment is not allowed. Any spot-treatments necessary for active termites will be completed at the same time as the initial full treatment and are included in the initial fee.

A Retreatment Warranty will cover any new termite activity treatments required, as long as the home is under warranty. A Repair and Retreatment Warranty covers the retreatment as well as any new damage caused by active termites as long as the home is under warranty. Any past or current damages (prior to treatment) are excluded from the Repair Warranty.

Many people call a termite warranty a termite “bond”. Legally, the two terms are different, but typically interchangeable in common terms. Our warranty is transferrable to any future homeowners at no additional fee, as long as the monthly renewal fees are current.

We ask that pets be kept out of the treatment areas (typically the garage and yard, as well as any other areas with active termites) for the duration of the treatment. This provides a safe environment for our specialists and your pets. Once the treatment is completed, your pets can continue life as normal. If your dog tends to dig and finds our stations attractive, the best option is to place a patio stone or other heavy object on top of the station cap.

Rodent Control

The reason rodents come into our homes is for food, water, and shelter. Unless all of these attractants are removed, they will continue to inhabit their current location. Trapping is not effective unless combined with a full exclusion process. As long as rodents have access to their food and water sources, they do not have a reason to be lured to the traps and therefore removed from the home.

Rodents are incredibly resilient and will continue to look for new avenues of entry to homes unless all potential entry points are sealed. If we only seal a few places where they are currently entering, they will simply find another entry point. Our rodent exclusion repairs seal all existing and potential rodent entry points to the home.

A full rodent exclusion includes sealing all possible rodent entry points from the foundation to the roofline. In order to make sure our process is as thorough as possible, a Certified Nuisance Wildlife Operator will be present during the repair process. Our exclusion process requires a full crew, ladders, materials such as metal flashing, wire mesh, and foam, as well as the trapping process. The initial fee includes as many trapping visits as it takes to ensure all rodents are removed from the home. The first year of your renewable Rodent Warranty is also included in the initial fee. Ask your PestNation Specialist about a possible payment plan if needed.

Our Rodent Exclusion Warranty includes all potential rodents, not just the type of rodent living in your home uninvited right now.

Most repairs will not be visible once completed. Our process includes installing metal at the gutter line that is then covered by your existing shingles. In some areas, such as crawl spaces or areas of rotten wood, wire screening may be visible once completed. If you are concerned about a particular repair being visible, make sure you ask your PestNation Specialist.

Our prices are competitive with companies following a similar protocol as us. If a quote is significantly cheaper than ours, it is probably due to a reduced scope of the service. We do offer discounts for customers who have multiple services with our company. Ask a PestNation Specialist about any discounts you may qualify for.

As long as the renewable warranty is maintained, we will come back and fix any areas that may need repair. Some rodents are more aggressive than others and may find a way to chew through our repairs or find another area to chew through. If so, we will repair those areas and start the trapping process again – at our cost!

The first-year warranty is included in the initial fee. Most homes qualify for a renewable warranty. At the time of the renewal inspection, our Nuisance Wildlife Operator will inspect the home to make sure no new rodent entry points have developed over the last year. If so, we will repair any areas and begin a trapping process when needed. If you choose not to renew your warranty, you will incur the cost of any new rodent entry point repairs, as well as the trapping process. This cost typically ranges between $400 - $500 but can be higher depending on the circumstance.

We will need to inspect the interior (typically the attic, basement, and/or crawl space), as well as set traps at some point during the repairs. We ask that you be home for at least 45 minutes during the repairs.

Rodent Infestational Cleanup

We will do our very best to remove all accessible contamination. There is always a possibility that contamination is present in areas that are not accessible to our team.

We will install blown cellulose insulation where applicable. Batt style insulation will be used between floor joists in crawl spaces and basements or on walls.

We typically install insulation to an R30 value. However, we can install insulation as deep as you would like.

Yes, if accessible, we will remove everything we can so that cleanup can properly occur. Additional fees may apply in some cases.

The removal portion of the job is very tedious and can take up to eight hours. The full removal and installation process may sometimes take two days to complete depending on working conditions. We will be sure to schedule the appropriate amount of time with you to complete the cleanup process.

If the insulation is blown in, we will use a large hose that is connected to a vacuum truck. The insulation will be sucked right out of your home and into the truck. If the insulation is batt style, we will remove and bag it by hand.

After your exclusion service, we will complete a trapping process. This process typically takes 10-14 days but could last longer if rodent problems persist. Once we are sure your rodents are gone, we will schedule the cleanup process. The last thing we want is for rodents to ruin your brand-new insulation!

Mosquito Control & Treatment

Yes! We have hundreds of customers who love our mosquito program, and it has become our most popular service. Just give it a try ̶ the results will speak for themselves!

Our Mosquito Specialists will inspect your property in order to locate all mosquito breeding and harborage sites. Prior to the use of any materials, we will work to eliminate as many mosquito breeding sites as possible. We will then treat all standing vegetation and remaining breeding sites on the property. Utilizing these two methods will greatly reduce the mosquito population around your home.

Mosquitos can breed in numerous areas including, but not limited to, toys, potted plants, yard drains, sagging gutters, downspout extensions, old tires, stagnant ponds, tree knot holes, low lying areas in the yard, tarps, and debris piles. Any area that holds water or where water will eventually sit is a great mosquito breeding site.

PestNation offers both a standard and a premium level service for mosquitos. The majority of our clients are under our standard program with monthly mosquito treatments. Some properties have many conducive conditions and heavy mosquito activity and require our premium level service, which includes two visits per month. We encourage our clients to start with the standard program and upgrade to the premium level if necessary.

Mosquitos can never be completely eliminated and may fly over from the neighbor’s yard, but our service has been proven to gain very good control over mosquito populations. Many of our clients are surprised at how effective the service is, even when they can’t convince their neighbors to sign up too! However, the more surface area we can service, the better the results will be.

Whether or not you’re seeing the mosquitos, their population is growing! It is best to prevent the population from expanding by starting service in March. You can begin the service at any time during the season, but your results are more effective the earlier you start. Early in the season, we can gain control over the mosquito population and keep it at a minuscule level. Mosquito season in the Atlanta area is typically March through October, but with our recent unusually warm winters, mosquitos have begun emerging in February!

Yes! PestNation can help you prepare for an outdoor event by reducing your mosquito population. Depending on the population size, conducive conditions, possible breeding sites, and the time during the season, it may be best for you to have two treatments prior to your event to achieve effectiveness. Our Specialists will recommend a service plan to achieve the best results.

The cost of service is dependent upon the size of the property treated and the frequency of service. A typical treatment covers a 100-foot radius around your home. Call our office today for your free quote at (678) 765-2226.

Yes! If multiple neighbors sign up for service, we can reduce your service fees. Having just three properties in one neighborhood can reduce your entire season’s service fees by up to 5%. Spread the word and save money! We also have special offers if you sign up early in the season. Call our office to find out if we are currently offering a special discount or be sure to save by packaging your mosquito and pest management services together.

Our Mosquito Specialists are trained to safely apply treatment to standing vegetation in a manner that will never put children or pets in danger. Our treatment is designed to control tiny mosquitos; therefore, only small amounts of materials are used and will have no effect on mammals. Any treatment that is applied to mosquito breeding sites will have no effect on mammals or aquatic life.

Fire Ant Control

General pest control does not include the yard and property. If you are concerned about fire ants in your yard, it is recommended that this service be added to your PestGuard service.

Yes, we can take care of it all during the same visit.

Nope! We will notify you when we are coming. Just be sure to tell us about any issues you are having, unlock all gates, and place pets inside.

Yes, if you have a fire ant problem in between services, just give us a call!

Bee, Wasp & Hornet Control

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent these flying insects from being on your property, but we can deal with them once they decide to nest in or around your home.

We will treat and remove the accessible portions of the nest.

Small and minor wasp nests that are attached to the structure will be removed during normal PestGuard service. Large, high, or dangerous nests will require additional service and fees. The same is true for nests on the property around your home.

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At PestNation, we provide a wide range of pest control services, from termite control and treatment and fire ant control to rodent infestation cleanup and everything in between. We work in the Atlanta area and service the communities of Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and all nearby regions including Charleston, South Carolina. Call to request a quote at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida).

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