3 Habits that Attract Pests

As the holidays draw near, homeowners in the Atlanta area are cozying up and planning for fun family festivities. As you plan for your holiday gatherings, you need to also make sure to guard against any uninvited guests. Nothing ruins a holiday party faster than flying, stinking, biting, scurrying, or creeping invaders. To be sure your home is protected from unwanted pests this year, check out this list of three habits that could be attracting pests into your home from your friends at PestNation.

Habits that Attract Pests

1. Leaving Cracks

If you’ve got a solid roof over your head and no major home issues, you may feel like your house is safe and secure. However, if you look a little closer and find cracks, crevices, and gaps around your foundation, your home might not be as secure as you thought. The openings may seem too small and insignificant to allow pests in your home, but rats, mice, and insects can squeeze through shockingly small gaps! Do a top-to-bottom check of your home and seal up any gaps, paying special attention to window seals, doorways, screens, and vents.

2. Not Taking Out the Trash

For most homeowners, the holidays are a time when the trash in their homes seems to multiply. The kids are out of school and snacking all day, there are parties that leave messes behind and packages that cause your trash can to overflow. However, if you want to keep pests out of your home, you need to keep on top of the trash situation. Trash can attract flies, raccoons, and other unwanted visitors – and once they’ve marked your home as a trash buffet, they’ll keep coming back for more. Make sure you have a lid on your trash at all times and take extra trips to a recycling center if your can is too full for the weekly pickup.

3. Spilling Food or Beverages

Finally, as you clean up after your holiday parties, be sure to clean up all spilled liquids and crumbs right away. It may seem like a small mess or just a few crumbs, but they are especially attractive to pests like cockroaches and ants. We also recommend vacuuming behind and under your stove and refrigerator this time of year.

Don’t let pests ruin your holiday cheer. Call on the experts at PestNation to protect your family from creeping, crawling pests this winter. Contact us today in Atlanta at (678) 765-2226 or request a quote online.