Termite Control & Treatment

Get rid of troublesome termites once and for all with our powerful termite control treatment. Call PestNation at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida) to request a quote today.

The only way to keep termites from entering your home and damaging your property is with full-service termite treatment. This is why we only use Sentricon Always Active System with our TermiteGuard treatment program. This highly effective approach is one of the most advanced termite baiting systems on the market today.

  • Install Sentricon Always Active stations around the perimeter of your home at 10-foot intervals in order to control termite colonies in the area and to provide ongoing protection.
  • Each Sentricon station will contain Recruit HD termite bait designed for complete colony elimination.
  • Liquid spot treat current termite activity for immediate control.
  • Return each year to fully inspect your home and maintain the Sentricon Always Active system.
  • Re-treat your home and property if termite activity is found.
  • Guaranteed protection with annual renewal fees.

Effective Termite Control Treatments

If our Atlanta termite specialist discovers an infestation at the time of the Sentricon Always Active System installation, we will install an above-ground Sentricon station or complete a liquid spot treatment. Our liquid treatments may consist of trenching and drilling around your home and applying a liquid non-repellent termiticidal agent designed to gain fast control of the termite activity. An annual renewal fee is required to maintain the treatment protection plan.

Our double-defense treatment provides maximum protection for your home. It includes the installation of a Sentricon Always Active System along with a perimeter liquid treatment. This is the absolute best termite protection available.

With all treatment programs, we will return each year for a full inspection and maintenance of our treatment.

Our Repair & Re-Treatment Plan

  • If termites are found at your home after treatment, we will re-treat the area and repair any damages caused by new termite activity.
  • Our termite control specialist will let you know if your home qualifies for a damage repair plan.
  • If your home does not qualify for the repair plan, we can still treat your home and place it under a warranty.
  • Experience peace of mind that your property is protected from future termite infestations.
Termite Control & Treatment Atlanta

Termite Control & Treatment

It is estimated that three to four colonies of termites are in every acre of Georgia property. The majority of homes in Georgia will eventually experience a termite problem. The best time to complete a termite treatment is when there are NO active termites. This prevents termites from attacking your home and causing damages that you will later have to pay to repair!

A liquid treatment creates a treated zone around the perimeter of the home. This typically requires 100-200 gallons of product to be applied around the home’s perimeter. It also requires drilling of garages, patios, porches, etc. Our Sentricon System with Always Active Technology treatment includes liquid spot-treatment of any areas of active termites and the installation of stations every 10 feet around the perimeter of the home. Invasive treatment and a large amount of chemical usage are avoided when using the Sentricon System.

This includes the installation of a liquid perimeter termiticidal treatment along with the Sentricon Always Active System. This two-layer treatment will give your structure the most termite protection possible.

Sentricon is more environmentally friendly, requires only one up-front investment over the lifetime of the home, and protects our nation’s most historical buildings (White House, Statue of Liberty, and more). Liquid treatments begin to dissipate as soon as they are applied and are affected by weather conditions as well. Sentricon is not.

The monthly renewal fee is required to continue the TermiteGuard program and retain the Sentricon stations around your home. If the renewal fee is not paid, the warranty is void and any Sentricon stations will be removed.

The initial fee is due at the time of the treatment. Ask our office about a payment plan if needed.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has regulations that all pest management companies must follow. This includes providing a full termite treatment using the manufacturer label specifications. Simply completing a spot treatment is not allowed. Any spot-treatments necessary for active termites will be completed at the same time as the initial full treatment and are included in the initial fee.

A Retreatment Warranty will cover any new termite activity treatments required, as long as the home is under warranty. A Repair and Retreatment Warranty covers the retreatment as well as any new damage caused by active termites as long as the home is under warranty. Any past or current damages (prior to treatment) are excluded from the Repair Warranty.

Many people call a termite warranty a termite “bond”. Legally, the two terms are different, but typically interchangeable in common terms. Our warranty is transferrable to any future homeowners at no additional fee, as long as the monthly renewal fees are current.

We ask that pets be kept out of the treatment areas (typically the garage and yard, as well as any other areas with active termites) for the duration of the treatment. This provides a safe environment for our specialists and your pets. Once the treatment is completed, your pets can continue life as normal. If your dog tends to dig and finds our stations attractive, the best option is to place a patio stone or other heavy object on top of the station cap.

Maximum Termite Protection

You can trust in the professional termite control treatments from PestNation. We also provide termite inspections, rodent control, and fire ant control services. We serve Atlanta and all nearby areas including Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Charleston, South Carolina. Call our friendly team today at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida) to request your free quote.

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