Rodent Infestation Cleanup

Since 2019, PestNation has been providing rodent cleanup services for residents in the Atlanta area and beyond. We are committed to providing thorough rodent exclusion that will protect both your home and your family. Request your quote today by calling (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida).

Professional Rodent Cleanup Services

PestNation doesn’t just take care of a rodent problem, we can also clean up the unsanitary mess left by those vermin. It’s important to note that you do not want to have any cleanup services completed until the rodents have been fully excluded from the structure. Our rodent exclusion team offers full rodent control services to rid your home of this problem. We typically find a mess left by vermin in attics and crawl spaces, which is why we offer the following services after rodent exclusion has taken place.

Rodent Infestation Cleanup Atlanta

Insulation Removal & Replacement

It is virtually impossible to achieve complete rodent droppings cleanup from an attic or crawl space without fully removing the insulation. We can remove contaminated blown insulation in attics, batt style insulation in attics, and batt style insulation in crawl spaces, and then install new insulation in its place while getting rid of rodent contamination at the same time. If you also want additional insulation added to your home on top of existing insulation, we can do that too! At PestNation, we perform full crawl space and attic decontamination:

  • Remove all accessible insulation in the affected area.
  • Sanitize the entire area.
  • Install brand new blown cellulose insulation.

Crawl Space Clean Out

The team at PestNation also provides crawl space clean-out as part of our rodent cleanup services. If you only need a new vapor barrier, we can do that too!

  • Remove all cellulose debris from your crawl space along with the old plastic vapor barrier that was contaminated by rodents.
  • Place a new vapor barrier on the crawl space floor.
  • Haul away all debris we removed.
Rodent Cleanup Atlanta

Rodent Infestational Cleanup

We will do our very best to remove all accessible contamination. There is always a possibility that contamination is present in areas that are not accessible to our team.

We will install blown cellulose insulation where applicable. Batt style insulation will be used between floor joists in crawl spaces and basements or on walls.

We typically install insulation to an R30 value. However, we can install insulation as deep as you would like.

Yes, if accessible, we will remove everything we can so that cleanup can properly occur. Additional fees may apply in some cases.

The removal portion of the job is very tedious and can take up to eight hours. The full removal and installation process may sometimes take two days to complete depending on the working conditions. We will be sure to schedule the appropriate amount of time with you to complete the entire cleanup process.

If the insulation is blown in, we will use a large hose that is connected to a vacuum truck. The insulation will be sucked right out of your home and into the truck. If the insulation is batt style, we will remove and bag it by hand.

After your exclusion service, we will complete a trapping process. This process typically takes 10-14 days but could last longer if rodent problems persist. Once we are certain your rodents are gone, we will schedule the cleanup process. The last thing we want is for rodents to ruin your brand-new insulation!

Protecting Homeowners in Atlanta

Call PestNation today at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida) to request a quote. We gladly serve Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and all surrounding Atlanta communities as well as Charleston, South Carolina. Along with our rodent cleanup services, we also offer fire ant control, termite inspections, mosquito control and treatment, and full pest control solutions.

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