Meet Our Team

At PestNation, we have an amazing team that places our customers first. We are committed to providing high-quality service and offering a friendly smile each time we arrive at your Atlanta area home. Request a quote for our pest control services today by calling (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida).

Our Story

PestNation was founded by Rob and Cat Lemoine, who have been in and around the pest control industry for many years. They are also successful entrepreneurs in other home service-related fields. They didn’t start like most pest control businesses do with the owner completing all of the service work and operations of the business. PestNation began with a big vision and growth strategy for creating an organization of impact. We wanted to look, feel, and act differently right from the beginning.

Before there was even a company name in place or one client to serve, Rob and Cat were joined by four individuals at a kitchen table in Buford, Georgia. Because these individuals believed in the vision and trusted in one another, they chose to launch PestNation. From the beginning, these four team members have helped to build PestNation and shape the culture into what it is today.

The vision of PestNation is to build a unique and niche-based national pest control company that is completely different from all others. We want to be known for how well we treat our team members, how we allow for growth within the organization, and how we allow for collaborative leadership. Our clients will feel the difference and the engagement from our team while we are delivering superior communication, service, and safety.

PestNation holds firmly to this vision, all while being one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in the Southeast.

The PestNation Team

PestNation is a non-traditional pest control company with three divisions:

Services Division:
“The Boots on the Ground”

Our Service Specialists are the team members you will see at your home performing pest control services and protecting your family.

PestNation Service Division
PestNation Operations Division

Operations Division:
“The Heartbeat”

This is the team that handles your calls, answers your questions, and schedules your service.

Growth Division:
“The Engine”

Our Growth Specialists provide inspections and solutions to help you solve pest and rodent problems.

PestNation Engine Division

We Look Forward to Working with You!

You are in the best of hands with PestNation! We offer a wide range of pest control services in the Atlanta area and beyond such as termite control and treatment, mosquito control and treatment, rodent infestation cleanup, and many more. Request a quote today by calling (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida). Our team works in Sandy Springs, Roswell, Charleston, South Carolina, Alpharetta, Marietta, and all nearby communities.

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