Mosquito Control & Treatment

Rid your backyard of those annoying mosquitos with the mosquito control treatment from PestNation. Request a quote by calling us at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida).

The Dangers of Mosquitos

Mosquitos can ruin your backyard activities or summer social gatherings, making you run for the indoors when you’d rather be outside. They can also transmit disease-causing organisms including the West Nile virus and malaria. Protect your family and your backyard from the dangers of mosquitos with our MosquitoGuard treatment. Proper mosquito management begins with knowledge of mosquito biology as well as the elimination of breeding sites. Our professional backyard mosquito control addresses both of these issues.

Mosquito Control Atlanta

Our Effective Mosquito Treatment Process

PestNation provides mosquito control services from March through October. In order to effectively suppress mosquito activity, monthly treatment is highly recommended.

  • Treatments are safe for humans, pets, and wildlife.
  • Perform inspection of the property for current mosquito problems, favorable conditions, and breeding sites.
  • Treat all breeding sites, including standing water, ponds, and streams in an effort to control the mosquito larvae.
  • Treat all foliage on the property to control adult moquitos.
  • Offer recommendations to help reduce activity and breeding sites on your property.

Benefits of Our Backyard Mosquito Control

The team at PestNation also provides crawl space clean-out as part of our rodent cleanup services. If you only need a new vapor barrier, we can do that too!

  • Mosquito Free environment.
  • Treatments are safe for your family.
  • Convenience – no need to schedule and be home during our treatments.
Mosquito Treatment Atlanta

Mosquito Control & Treatment

Yes! We have hundreds of customers who love our mosquito program, and it has become our most popular service. Just give it a try ̶ the results will speak for themselves!

Our Mosquito Specialists will inspect your property in order to locate all mosquito breeding and harborage sites. Prior to the use of any materials, we will work to eliminate as many mosquito breeding sites as possible. We will then treat all standing vegetation and remaining breeding sites on the property. Utilizing these two methods will greatly reduce the mosquito population around your home.

Mosquitos can breed in numerous areas including, but not limited to, toys, potted plants, yard drains, sagging gutters, downspout extensions, old tires, stagnant ponds, tree knot holes, low lying areas in the yard, tarps, and debris piles. Any area that holds water or where water will eventually sit is a great mosquito breeding site.

PestNation offers both a standard and a premium level service for mosquitos. The majority of our clients are under our standard program with monthly mosquito treatments. Some properties have many conducive conditions and heavy mosquito activity and require our premium level service, which includes two visits per month. We encourage our clients to start with the standard program and upgrade to the premium level if necessary.

Mosquitos can never be completely eliminated and may fly over from the neighbor’s yard, but our service has been proven to gain very good control over mosquito populations. Many of our clients are surprised at how effective the service is, even when they can’t convince their neighbors to sign up too! However, the more surface area we can service, the better the results will be.

Whether or not you’re seeing the mosquitos, their population is growing! It is best to prevent the population from expanding by starting service in March. You can begin the service at any time during the season, but your results are more effective the earlier you start. Early in the season, we can gain control over the mosquito population and keep it at a minuscule level. Mosquito season in the Atlanta area is typically March through October, but with our recent unusually warm winters, mosquitos have begun emerging in February!

Yes! PestNation can help you prepare for an outdoor event by reducing your mosquito population. Depending on the population size, conducive conditions, possible breeding sites, and the time during the season, it may be best for you to have two treatments prior to your event to achieve effectiveness. Our Specialists will recommend a service plan to achieve the best results.

The cost of service is dependent upon the size of the property treated and the frequency of service. A typical treatment covers a 100-foot radius around your home. Call our office today for your free quote at (678) 765-2226.

Yes! If multiple neighbors sign up for service, we can reduce your service fees. Having just three properties in one neighborhood can reduce your entire season’s service fees by up to 5%. Spread the word and save money! We also have special offers if you sign up early in the season. Call our office to find out if we are currently offering a special discount or be sure to save by packaging your mosquito and pest management services together.

Our Mosquito Specialists are trained to safely apply treatment to standing vegetation in a manner that will never put children or pets in danger. Our treatment is designed to control tiny mosquitos; therefore, only small amounts of materials are used and will have no effect on mammals. Any treatment that is applied to mosquito breeding sites will have no effect on mammals or aquatic life.

Choose the Professionals at PestNation

You can’t go wrong with the mosquito control services from PestNation. Call us today at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (954) 280-7858 (South Florida) to request a quote. Since 2019, we have been serving Atlanta along with Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and all surrounding areas including Charleston, South Carolina. Take advantage of our other pest control services such as bee, wasp, and hornet control, termite control and treatment, and fire ant control.

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