Timing Pest Control: Fall Is the Best Time to Treat Fire Ants

Fall is right around the corner. Soon, people will decorate their homes with cornstalks, hay bales, and pumpkins. Football games and tailgating will be in full swing, and trick-or-treaters will emerge. Along with preparing for changing seasons and festivities, make sure you plan for pest treatment. PestNation wants you to know the best time to treat fire ants is in the fall, and here’s why.

Timing Pest Control: Fall Is the Best Time to Treat Fire Ants

Fire Ants and Georgia

Believe it or not, fire ants aren’t native to Georgia. They most likely came from South America. But however they got here, they’re here to stay. Since historical eradication efforts failed, the best hope remains to manage them. Therefore, successful fire ant treatment occurs when homes and businesses are fire ant-free, and you can enjoy outdoor activities stress-free.

Fire Ant Bites Do More Than Sting

Anyone who has stumbled upon a fire ant hill understands their painful bite and sting. In addition to the sting, bites can result in painful blisters and even allergic reactions. Moreover, the toxins released in fire ant bites cause prolonged pain that can last well after the event. Finally, multiple bites compound both the pain and extent of the injury. Accordingly, homeowners are well-served to treat for them, and the best time to treat fire ants is in the fall. 

Why Treat in the Fall?

Fire ants proliferate in the summer. Thus, colonies achieve their peak population in the fall. During this time, the stinging insects keep busy foraging for food and transporting it back to their nests. When you set bait, they take that back, too, which is exactly what you want. Additionally, the queen and the rest of the nest remain closer to the surface during the fall. For this reason, treating the mounds carries the greatest impact.

Why Lay Treatment Sometimes Fails

With prices soaring, it makes sense that homeowners want to cut costs by doing things themselves. However, when it comes to fire ant treatment, there are some things you should know. First, never use a lawncare spreader that previously contained fertilizer or similar items because the scent will overpower the scent of the bait. Additionally, fire ants avoid any lingering smoke, gasoline, or other odorous material that smells strong. You don’t want to spend time and money only to achieve subpar results.

Fire Ant Treatment Versus General Pest Control

Because the best time to treat fire ants is in the fall, we recommend preparing now. Treatment often involves a two-step process. That being said, your location, land, and unique situation all play a role in treatment and prevention. As a side note, understand that fire ant treatment isn’t included in general pest control services. 

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