Rodent Control and Exclusion Explained

In general, we find homeowners in the Georgia area to be quite gracious and generous hosts. However, there is one group in particular that homeowners do not wish to be hospitable to, and that is rodents. If you’ve been hearing noises in your attics or finding tell-tale signs of mice in your kitchen, rodent control and exclusion is likely your best option. Today on the blog, our team at PestNation is explaining our rodent control and exclusion processes so you can better understand why it’s necessary and effective in ridding your home of unwanted pests- for good!

Rodent Control and Exclusion Explained

What is rodent control and exclusion?

In the past, pest control companies would work more with rodenticides and traps to rid homes of unwanted guests. However, trapping is not effective unless combined with a full exclusion process, and the future of this work is to use exclusion to rid your home of rodents while protecting the health and safety of the humans who are living in the home. When we visit your home, we remove any existing rodents, seal all gaps in the home that are allowing rodents to get in, and place a renewable rodent re-entry warranty on your home to protect you from future rodent visits.

Why does sealing the gaps work?

Rodents enter our houses in search of shelter, food, and water. Unless you plan to rid your home of these things, you will always be in danger of rodents getting in. Therefore, all holes and potential holes need to be secured and repaired before your home will be fully shielded from invasion. Rodents are also incredibly persistent, so even if you secure current holes, they will likely find another way in without professional help. Our rodent exclusion repairs seal all existing and potential rodent entry points to the home.

How does pricing work?

Our prices are competitive and our process is thorough so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. During the repair process, a Certified Nuisance Wildlife Operator will be there as well as a full team with ladders and supplies. Additionally, as many trapping trips as are necessary to guarantee complete rodent extermination from the house are included in the original cost. The first payment also covers the first year of your extendable Rodent Warranty. If necessary, talk to your PestNation Specialist about a feasible payment schedule.

For complete rodent control service, look no further than the team at PestNation. Contact us today at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (301) 947-0384 (Maryland) to request a quote.