Homeowners’ Top 5 Most Hated Pests

Most homeowners agree that pests are a complete nuisance. While people love animals, they hate pests. Of all the creepy creatures that invade homes, some are worse than others. In this post, PestNation explores the top five most hated pests. Don’t worry—we also discuss what you can do about them. 

Top 5 Most Hated Pest (and What You Can Do About Them)

1. Cockroaches

For many, simply looking at a picture of a cockroach is enough to send shivers down your spine. However, seeing one up close and personal in the home takes it up a whole level. This is an escalating issue for Atlanta residents as the city is one of the top in the U.S. for cockroaches. They often invade homes, moving from one hardwood tree to another.

To make matters worse, cockroaches spread bacteria on food that cause illnesses. Further, they’re linked to intestinal diseases, such as dysentery and cholera.

2. Bed Bugs

Atlanta doesn’t rank as high for bed bugs as it does for cockroaches. Still, it’s one of the top ten U.S. cities for bed bugs. You’ll find these creepy-crawly creatures anywhere humans live. Due to their small size and ability to hide, you may notice the black remnants they leave behind instead. Unfortunately, the blood-sucking creatures feast on humans and leave itchy bite marks. Moreover, bed bugs can leave emotional scars, which is why it’s good to use a pest control professional. 

3. Rodents 

Many people don’t like mice. However, almost no one can stand rats, making them one of the most hated pests ever. First, they reproduce prolifically, which means that two mice (or one pregnant one) can cause a rodent infestation in a short time. Second, rats carry tons of diseases, and they transmit them through droppings. No matter if you have mice or rats, you want to rid your home of them as soon as possible. 

4. Termites

Termites don’t bring quite the creep factor that other critters on our most hated pests list do. However, they do prompt homeowners’ fear. A termite inspection could reveal extensive damage to the home and structural integrity. Even worse, they’ve most likely infested much of the house once you spot the signs. Termite treatment can be straightforward or complex, depending on the extent of their presence. 

5. Ants

Ants seem benign, but they can be problematic, especially when it comes to fire ants. Fire ants cause painful, stinging bites, and they can also damage electrical wires and appliances. Importantly, you must often treat the nest itself as opposed to just the ants in the home. Otherwise, they’ll return again and again like a slasher in a horror movie who never dies. 

Pest Control That Works

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