DIY Home Pest Control Methods That Don’t Work

DIY home tips and hacks proliferate on social media sites and through word of mouth. Some are excellent, and others are just silly. When it comes to DIY home pest control methods, you could spend time and energy tackling an issue that won’t yield any results. Instead of getting frustrated with techniques that don’t work, learn the right approach to pest control. PestNation explains this in this post. 

DIY Home Pest Control Methods That Don't Work


Sometimes a field mouse or similar rodent makes its way into a home, and the homeowner deals with it. Other times, rodents may have a chance to procreate. Multiple rodents and inadequate DIY pest control methods may make matters worse. Don’t run the risk of infestation that requires professional cleanup by using these methods.

1. Don’t Place Traps in High Traffic Areas. Rodents sometimes appear in the open. More often, however, they like to remain out of sight. Thus, placing a trap in the open isn’t as likely to attract a rodent. Instead, place traps behind or under couches, against a baseboard, or somewhere similar. 

2. Don’t Put Out Too Much Bait. It’s enticing to put a big chunk of cheese or peanut butter on a mousetrap to lure in that little bugger, right? The problem is that too much can place too much weight on the trap. When that happens, the rodent may both get the food and avoid the trap. Rodents can smell food from a long way away, so don’t think you have to place a ton of bait on the trap to do the job.

Outdoor Flying Insects

Atlanta is no stranger to pesky outdoor flying insects. Mosquitos, bees, and wasps can suck the fun out of a nice summer day or family barbeque. You may not see much improvement if you’re trying DIY home pest control methods like the ones below. 

1. Mosquitos. People often use electric bug zappers to combat flying insects. The buzz and snap when a bug hits the light sounds satisfying and makes you think you’re making progress. Alas, you’re not making a dent. The truth is that electric bug zappers do kill some pests but not enough to make a real difference. Professional mosquito treatment works best. 

2. Bees. Have you ever heard that you should pour gasoline on a bee or wasp nest? Well, you could. But, guess what? You’ll also contaminate the ground, unintentionally kill other pests and plants, and cause a fire hazard. Effective bee, wasp, and hornet control treatments vary according to the type of insect and nest placement.

Professional Pest Control That Really Works

We’ve only covered a couple of examples of DIY home pest control methods that don’t work. Let us know if you’d like to hear more. In the meantime, reach out to the experts when you have pest problems. PestNation serves Atlanta and the surrounding area. We are good at what we do, and we can help resolve your pest issues effectively. Call (678) 765-2226 to schedule professional pest control services.