Are There Termites in Your Home?

Many Atlanta homeowners fear termite damage in their homes- and rightly so! Termites can cause significant damage that is difficult to see, so it’s important to know whether your home has any signs of these pests right away. But how can you tell if termites or signs of termites are in your home? Our team at PestNation wants to get you a few tips so you can have peace of mind on the subject.

Does your home have termites?

Learn how to identify termites

Even today, many people are unaware of what termites look like. They frequently mistake them for other flying insects, including flying ants. However, termites can be distinguished from other insects by certain features such as a straight antenna, wings that are the same length, and a consistent waist. To find out what kind of termites are typically found in northern Georgia, look up a few pictures online. Then, you’ll be aware of what to search for in your home.

Learn the signs of infestation

Knowing how the pests look is a smart first step, but more often than not, you’ll spot termite signs before you spot termites themselves. Get into the habit of inspecting the supports, floor joists, and other structures outside your home, looking especially for mud tubes. These tubes are frequently an indication that termites have moved into your home.

Call in the professionals

If you suspect your home has termites, it’s best to get a professional opinion right away. Whether you see signs in your current home, or you’re hoping to purchase a new home, it’s always a good idea to be informed about what kind of damage you’re dealing with. At PestNation, we highly recommend having a termite inspection performed before you purchase a property or anytime you suspect these unwanted invaders in your Atlanta area home. In addition to termites, one of our inspectors licensed through the Department of Agriculture will also check for any pest or rodent activity that may cause you future headaches.

Request a quote today for our termite inspections by contacting our friendly office at (678) 765-2226 (Atlanta), (843) 867-2807 (Charleston), or (301) 947-0384 (Maryland). We gladly serve Atlanta communities, and the surrounding areas such as Charleston, SC. Along with our complete termite inspections, we also provide fire ant control, and bee, wasp, and hornet control.