5 Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free this Spring and Summer

Homeowners throughout Georgia cherish the warmer weather prompted by spring and summer. Elevated temperatures mean families and friends can take to the outdoors and enjoy many activities. However, warmer weather increases pest activity as insects and rodents seek refuge from the heat. PestNation understands homeowners want to maintain a clean and pest-free home during the warmer months and suggests five tips and tricks to keep pests at bay all season long.

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1. Declutter and Deep Clean

Warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to refresh your home with a thorough, deep clean. Concentrate on one space at a time and remove any accumulated clutter from the winter months. Then, proceed to dust surfaces, vacuum floors, and wash windows to remove dirt, dust, and allergens that can attract pests. Consider donating unwanted items to charitable causes, such as the American Kidney Services organization. Much like PestNation, it is located in Buford, Georgia, and services the surrounding areas.  

2. Pay Attention to Outdoor Areas

Start by trimming back bushes and trees that touch your house, as they can act as bridges for pests. Clear away any yard debris, such as leaves and grass clippings, which can serve as breeding grounds for insects. Ensure that outdoor trash bins are tightly sealed and positioned away from the house. Regularly inspect and repair any cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior to prevent pests from finding entry points.

3. Store Food Properly

Food attracts pests. Consequently, proper food storage is crucial to prevent pests. Invest in airtight containers for pantry staples like grains, cereals, and pet food, and promptly clean up any spills or crumbs in food preparation areas. Be sure to clean and sanitize outdoor eating areas, grills, and play structures to deter pests from foraging for scraps. Children will forget about a lollipop left at the top of the slide, but ants and other pests will not. 

4. Seal Entry Points

Pests gain entry through any small opening, be it a crack or gap. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the exterior of your home. Seal any openings around doors, windows, pipes, and vents with caulk or weather stripping if needed. Install screens on windows and doors to keep insects out while allowing fresh air to flow.

5. Schedule Regular Pest Inspections

Even with the most thorough cleaning and prevention efforts, pests might still creep into your home. Schedule regular pest inspections with a professional pest control company like PestNation to best prevent pest problems. Our trained technicians can identify potential pest problems early on and develop customized treatment plans to keep your home pest-free throughout the warmer months.

Spring and summer are a time for relaxation and outdoor fun, but they are also when pests are most active. Follow these tips to keep your home clean, fresh, and pest-free. Homeowners in Buford, Sandy Springs, RoswellAlpharettaMarietta, and Charleston, SC, can rely on PestNation for peace of mind and enjoy their outdoor space throughout spring and summer. Contact us today at (678) 765-2226 to schedule your summer pest inspection!