5 Interesting and Unsettling Facts About Mice

No one wants to share their home with a family of mice, but many will try to deal with an infestation on their own. Unfortunately, mice are hard to eliminate from your home without professional help. PestNation has been protecting homeowners from rodents and other pests for many years. Here are five facts about mice that will leave you thinking twice about trying to handle an infestation by yourself.

Rodent infestation cleanup

1. They Multiply Quickly

Mice can begin breeding as young as two months of age, and can have up to 12 babies every few weeks. What starts out as a minor mouse problem can quickly become a major infestation. Let PestNation’s rodent control and exclusion services take care of your new visitors once and for all.

2. They Eat A Lot

The reason homeowners often find evidence of mice in their kitchens and pantries is that these pesky little critters are always in search of food. They eat a lot, as in 15-20 times a day. Since they eat so much, they typically make a home near their source of food.

3. They Climb, Jump, and Swim

Mice are tiny little acrobats, capable of many feats. Besides being strong little swimmers who can easily climb vertical surfaces, they can jump up to a foot in the air. As if that’s not bad enough, they also have keen senses. Not only can they locate your food, but they will find a way to get into it.

4. They Fit Through Tiny Spaces

Mice are already tiny, but they can fit through a space the size of a dime. That means there are probably a lot of entry points for them to make their way into your home. And once they get in, their adept little teeth can chew through wood, plastic, vinyl, and many other materials in search of food.

5. They Spread Diseases

According to the CDC, rodents can spread over 35 diseases. They can be spread directly to humans through handling them, or through contact with what they leave behind for you to clean up. These are not sanitary creatures, and the last place you want them to leave their germs is near your food. PestNation won’t just take care of your rodent problem, but we will clean up the mess they leave in your home with our rodent infestation cleanup services.

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