4 Fall Home Improvement Projects That Protect Against Unwanted Pests

Homeownership makes up a big part of the American dream, but it’s not without its share of time and money. Georgia homeowners understand the joys and challenges that come with living in the south. Wise property owners proactively maintain and update their homes to keep them structurally sound and to increase their value. However, did you know that some home improvements also protect against unwanted pests? In this post, PestNation provides four examples. 

4 Fall Home Improvement Projects That Protect Against Unwanted Pests

1. Organize the Garage

Garages are similar to storage units in that people tend to use them to store boxes, keepsakes, and other mementos. Like storage units—especially those without temperature control—cardboard boxes, paper, and crevices provide ample opportunity for pests to invade. Mice take advantage of the supplies to make their nests and breed. Do yourself a favor: clean out and organize the garage as the weather turns cooler this Fall.

2. Seal the Deal

Birds, mice, spiders, and various unwanted pests gain access to homes through cracks and open spaces. Small holes in caulk, cracks in the siding, and open-air access to the crawl space all provide an invitation to critters. To ward them off, grab some caulk from your local hardware store, and spend an afternoon inspecting all around the home’s exterior. Re-caulk and seal any openings you see to give yourself added protection and peace of mind. 

3. Rake Leaves and Trim Trees

Fall means leaves change colors in some areas and fall to the ground until you rake them. If you have to rake leaves, also add tree-trimming to your afternoon chores. Trees and bushes harbor pests that use them to gain access to the home. Trim them to keep them a reasonable distance from the roof and other access points. This project will keep unwanted pests at bay, and give your home and yard curb appeal.

4. Water You Waiting For

Termites and other insects thrive in moisture. Protect your home by fixing any leaky pipes or gutters. Make sure no standing water accumulates outside the perimeter of your home, in the crawlspace, or other areas. Keeping everything dry prevents frozen, burst pipes, and keeps away nuisance pests. 

Call a Professional

Atlanta homeowners can tackle numerous minor home improvement projects to beautify homes and protect against pests. Sometimes, though, you need professional help. If that’s the case, call PestNation for assistance. Whatever your pest issue, we can get you a quote or schedule an appointment when you call (678) 765-2226.