4 Benefits of Using Our Pest Control Subscription Program

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility and decision-making. For example, should you join subscription-based lawn care or pest control service, or should you do it yourself? As you know, the answer to that question may vary depending on the person and their unique circumstances. Still, PestNation wants you to be aware of the four benefits of a pest control subscription program. We hope that the information helps you to make a well-informed decision that meets your specific needs.

4 Benefits of Using a Pest Control Subscription Program

1. Enjoy Ongoing Pest Control Treatment and Prevention

A pest control subscription program allows you to enjoy comprehensive pest control treatment for the most common household pests. Examples include roaches, ants, crickets, centipedes, silverfish, and many other crawling insects. Every quarter, your pest professional comes to the home and treats. Initially, they walk the exterior perimeter, treat the area, and seal any exposed entry points. After that, they update treatment and follow-up on any issues that emerged since the previous visit.

2. Spot Treatment

Without a pest control subscription program, homeowners call when they have an acute pest problem and pay for that specific service. However, when you go with a package and have an issue between treatments, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll return to treat at no extra charge. While some pests such as termites and rodents aren’t included, most common household pests are. 

3. Develop a Workable Budget

When you call a pest control company with an acute pest problem, you pay for that specific service. Most people get fairly annoyed when unexpected expenses occur, especially for problems. With a subscription package, however, you know the amount to budget for every month and it flows into the natural rhythm of monthly expenses. Moreover, people tend to pay a lower monthly amount using a package plan than they pay out of pocket for acute treatment. In other words, getting a package costs less on a monthly basis and provides greater protection on a consistent basis. 

4. Be Proactive

There’s no reason to wait for pests to proliferate before taking action. Homes contain pests, and pest control is a common service homeowners utilize. Why not be proactive and engage a pest control service to ensure your home stays pest-free? After all, it’s easier to prevent pest infestations than it is to treat them. Of course, if you have an active issue, we can resolve that, too. 

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We hope you’ve found this list of pest control package benefits helpful. At PestNation, we strive to provide Atlanta, Marietta, and homeowners in the surrounding area with quality pest control, and we can help you. Whether you want to treat an acute issue or start a package, give us a call at (678) 765-2226 to find out more, or request a free quote online