It’s time to start cuddling up inside your cozy house once more as the weather becomes chilly! Cooler temperatures in the Atlanta area bring with them a number of undesirable winter pests. The last thing you need to be concerned about is bugs invading your home when Christmas is just around the corner and you still have everything to finish up before the new year. Continue reading to learn more about which pests to look out for from the team at PestNation.

Winter Pests in Atlanta

Stink Bugs

During the winter, stink bugs, sometimes called kudzu bugs, can pose a serious threat to any Georgia household. These pests frequently act in huge groups when they decide to become a problem. Stink bugs emit unpleasant smells and can be very unsightly. There isn’t a soul around that would welcome these pests in or around their home. Stink bugs primarily search for warmth and a food source. They are not very large and will attempt to squeeze into any crack or crevice in your house.


Even if it sounds like a no-brainer, we still need to inform the public. Whether it’s large or small rodents, infestations will significantly rise in the winter. You don’t want to be the host of a rodent sleepover, whether it’s with rats, mice, raccoons, or other hairy animals! If they think your home is a good place to meet, they will invite their friends. When attempting to invade your home, rats often look for three things: warmth, water, and food.


Next, we have the dreaded cockroach, which never seems to go away and gives any homeowner the willies. It’s crucial to be aware that cockroaches can be more persistent in the winter because they’re looking for warmth. If you spot one cockroach in your home, there is most certainly more hiding somewhere within.


All year long, ants can be a problem for many people. Ants of all sizes will try to establish colonies in your home during cooler weather where they can find comfort. Sugar ants are the most common and are frequently seen searching for food scraps to eat.

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